“Would recommend it a 100%!!! For the longest time, I thought I was operating in isolation. My business problems were only mine, and no one could help me out. Having been a part of the programme […] I have learnt that all entrepreneurs have similar problems, and each has a unique way of handling it. There is a whole lot to be learnt, it’s a great environment to network in, and not only do we learn from the educational content, but also from each other. In the few sessions, being a part of this has helped boost my confidence level and create ideas for my business which did not come to the forefront before. I am sure, just like me, there are lots of women business owners who will have a lot to benefit from, through this programme.”

– Afshan Lakdawalla, Precision Trading


“We got the chance to reflect on our own abilities and strengths, start to develop a sense of where to go next, and how to take the next step. Through networking, one can access a variety of resources that can increase your efficiency, knowledge, your business publicity, and your chances of succeeding!”

– Ambreen Bilal, Women’s Wear Designer


“Applying for the WomenX program was a one of the best decisions I had made in regards to building a network and for my business. From the friendly organizers and the topics covered in the program, to the relationships built and lessons learnt, everything was a very rounded experience one cannot intend to miss. There were times when I felt at ease once I learnt that I knew the right formula to start a business and sustain it. Some instances demanded more hard work and dedication which benefited me in the end. At the end of the four months, I can safely say that I got my basics polished and because of that my goals and strategies became easier to plan. A perfect environment to harvest new friendships and meet professionals from Pakistan and abroad.”

– Saba Gul Hassan, SGH