WomenX Business Education Application Form

Women X is a World Bank-funded global initiative aimed at supporting women business owners through business education, networking, and mentorship opportunities. The Women X initiative is managed by Enclude.


  • We are accepting applications on a rolling basis. Jan-Feb 2018 will see the start of the Fifth Cohort in Lahore, Third Cohort in Faisalabad and Second Cohort in Islamabad-Rawalpindi.
  • Please do not leave any question blank. Write "N/A" where the question is not applicable.
  • Only women entrepreneurs with businesses based within the regions of Lahore, Faisalabad, Islamabad-Rawalpindi will be considered.


Name of entrepreneur

Date of birth? (date/month/year)

Name of business

Business address


Home address


Main telephone contact number

Main email address

Business Website (if you have one)

Business sector:
 Manufacturing  Services  Retail  Farming

Please describe your business

Who are your main customers?

What is unique about your product(s) or service(s) compared to your competitors?:

 Higher quality product/service
 Lower price of product/service
 Location of business premises
 Better marketing or promotion
 Other (please specify)

Year business was established

How long have you been managing this business?

Are you the sole owner?
 Yes  No
If no, please describe the ownership structure:
 Co-owner with family member  Other shareholders (non-family)  Private Ltd.

How many employees does your business have in addition to yourself?

How many are:

Full-time workers

Part-time workers

Family members


What is your marital status?
 Single/Never Married  Married  Widowed  Divorced/Separated

What is the highest level of education that you have completed?

 Less than primary
 Class 5-9

What were your main motivations to start a business? (Please mark the two main ones)

 Difficulties to find a paid job
 Availability business opportunities
 Problems encountered as an employee
 Desire for independence
 In order to have a higher income
 To use my talents and self-confidence
 My parents/relatives are entrepreneurs
 Desire to work from my house
 Other (please specify)
Have you ever taken part in training to improve your business skills (besides school)?
 Yes  No

What areas of running a business were covered by the training (multiple answers allowed)?

a) Accounting / keeping business records
 Yes  No
b) Marketing and/or sales
 Yes  No
c) Staff management
 Yes  No
d) Financial management
 Yes  No
e) Technical training
 Yes  No
f ) Other (specify):

When would you be willing to take part in business skills training?

  Priority 1 Priority 2 Priority 3

Preferred day:


What is the total value of your assets (capital)?

What were your total sales for the past 12 months?

What was your total profit for the past 12 months?

What are your expectations for your total sales in the next 12 months compared to the past 12 months?

 More than 10% higher More than 10% lower  About the same No idea

How many employees do you expect your business to have 5 years from now?

What are the main constraints for your business to grow? (Please rank from 1 to 6, 1 being the biggest constraint, 6 being the smallest)

Finding new markets and clients

Lack of finance

Lack of business skills

Lack of trained staff

Lack of security

Other (please specify)

When would you consider your business to be successful? (choose the two main goals):

 Keep the business so I can continue to be self-employed
 Earn enough to be able to sustain my family
 Grow the business to be able employ more staff
 Increase the level of sales or profit
 Expand the number of costumers
 Expand the range of products and services offered

Where do you envision your business to be in 5 years’ time?


 Newspaper advert
 Social Media
 Referral by family/friend
 Referral by other entrepreneur
 Other (please specify)

Note: Participants will be selected on a competitive basis. Not all applicants will be selected to participate in the Women X programme. Important selection criteria include current key indicators of the business, growth potential of the business and entrepreneurial aspirations. The selection process will include an interview with each eligible candidate. After selection, baseline information will be collected from program participants for the purposes of evaluating the programme. A limited number of graduates from the business education programme will be eligible for additional individual and group mentoring.