Meet The Women

Nazish Bokhari | Gilding Gear


Nazish is a concept designer and creative writer who operates Gilding Gear. She has 12 years of experience in conducting creative writing workshops, kids’ productions, and writing plays for various leading schools and organizations. She has been conducting creative writing workshops for kids for the past 8 years and has recently started working on EQ development workshops for teachers and students. She also specializes in teaching dramatics and movement to young children at institutes including Kids Kampus, Aitchison, Lahore Grammar School, Convent of Jesus and Marry, and Teach A Child. In addition to her work with the academia, she also has experience with the fashion industry under her belt, including creative direction for fashion shoots and the International Fashion Festivals 2004 and 2005. Her work is cited for originality, inspiring ideas and creativity. Her next endeavor is to write scripts for the television and film media.

“There is no tool more effective than the empowerment of women and WomenX has come forward with that tool, by enabling women entrepreneurs like me to attain the success we seek. I never expected to learn so much in this short span of time, but was astonished when this training consistently exceeded my expectation on every level. It has been an exceptional experience and a perfect environment to harvest new ideas and friendships. I always thought I was at the top of my game and knew all that I needed to know to run my business but WomenX has helped me create a new level of excellence that I never knew I could achieve. I’d say that it has given me sense of direction – what to do, how, and where to go next. The inspiring trainers, or should I say “turners”, have changed my thinking about a lot of preconceived ideas and have helped me reflect on my own abilities and strengths.

The enthusiasm and professionalism has been contagious and has given me an innovative perspective on how to increase efficiency and knowledge in my business. I also learned that entrepreneurs with their business ideas have a unique way of handling problems. This experience has been more educational than anything found in text books! I believe that behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back and celebrate her achievements. For me WomenX is that tribe and support system, which has helped me turn my cant’s into cans and my dreams into plans.”

Saba Gul Hasan | SGH

Saba Gul Hasan

Saba is an entrepreneur and dietician who holds an MPhil degree in Food Sciences and Human Nutrition. She is the founder and director of SGH, a health and nutrition brand that provides client centered nutrition services, health products, training programs, and medical therapies. Her goal is to spread food awareness and nutrition education through her company, targeting all strata of the society. SGH has seen a lot of success with their multiple health workshops, products officially carried at large stores including Esajee’s, and the upcoming launch of their Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, the Health and Nutrition Union.

In addition to her business accomplishments, Saba also launched the Undergraduate Training Program-UTP in 2016, with the purpose of providing a platform for young women to interact with professionals from various fields and get a chance to be trained under their wing. UTP conducts sessions on a vast variety of areas including interpersonal skills, marketing, branding, entrepreneurship, photography, print media, advertising, nutrition various other soft skills. It aims to equip Pakistani women with the appropriate tools to successfully secure a job or start their own venture. The program gives candidates a chance to interact with potential employers, secure internships, opt for volunteer work, start freelance projects or apply for jobs.

“Applying to WomenX has been one of the best decisions I made with regard to the growth of my business and building a network. The program offers everything that an aspiring business owner would hope for. From friendly organizers, to the topics covered in business education, to the relationships built & lessons learnt; everything was a fulfilling and well-rounded experience which one cannot afford to miss! I began to feel more at ease in my venture, knowing that I was learning the right formulas and acquired the skills needed to successfully sustain a business. By the end of the training I knew that my basics had been polished, and my goals & strategies had become easier to plan. WomenX offers the perfect environment to harvest new friendships and meet professionals from Pakistan and abroad”.

Anooshay Shaigan | CourtingTheLaw


Anoosha Shaigan is an advocate of the High Court and founding member of Human Rights Committee at the Lahore Bar. She is a Global Shaper in the Lahore Hub of the World Economic Forum (WEF) and was invited as a speaker at the WEF 2017. She is also a Member of the Youth Parliament Pakistan and a legal technologist.

Anoosha heads the business “CourtingTheLaw” as Vice President. CTL is Pakistan’s first legal news and analysis portal that leverages various technologies to encourage legal discourse and increase accountability. She has a keen interest in politics, international law, human rights, and women empowerment.
“WomenX has provided a great opportunity for me to combine my law degree with business education and officially become a ‘lawpreneur’. The much-needed knowledge plus application of business models has helped me streamline my work in the legal industry and inspired me to be more innovative and take decisions more confidently. I’m equally grateful for the networking opportunity and mentoring sessions with so many inspiring women in Pakistan!”