Islamabad-Rawalpindi Programme

WomenX offers a comprehensive, 2-phase programme package to its selected participants:

Phase 1 | Duration: 3 months

Phase 1 is a 3-month certificate course with 12 days of in-class Business Education sessions,  4 Soft Skills sessions, Peer-to-Peer group coaching, and monthly networking events. Classes meet once a week on Saturdays.

Business Education

Three-month training led by MDI, which focus on core business skills: Entrepreneurial Accounting and Finance, Marketing, Product Development, etc.

Soft Skills

Professional business training workshops that focus on self growth, such as confidence building, communication & negotiation, social media marketing, and business pitch.

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Coaching

Small-group sessions with discussion and exchange of ideas that will help each woman gain clarity on her business.


Events to facilitate access to markets, supply chains and other networks, leveraging on existing initiatives and developing new ones.

Phase 2 | Duration: 5 months

Around 40% of Phase 1 participants are selected for the 5-month Phase 2, which offers more tailored business support services, including mentoring and business clinics.

One on One Mentoring

With the support of a mentor, participants are able to engage in implementation of new practices, improve upon business strategies; identify their challenges and develop skills to find solutions, etc. in order to reach their growth targets.

Business Clinics

Specialized lectures by expert practitioners, to address specific needs of our participants relating to their businesses; such as export markets, the use of technology, and crowd sourcing etc.

Networking (cont’d)

Events to facilitate access to markets, supply chains and other networks, leveraging on existing initiatives and developing new ones.

Peer-to-Peer Coaching (cont’d)

Small-group sessions where participants talk about their learning from the mentorship phase.

Business Education – MDI

The Management Development Institute’s (MDI) welcome facility offers not only hands-on entrepreneurship training, but one-on-one consultation to WomenX participants on all technical areas of business development. The participants and the team are specifically invested in marketing strategies for small scale businesses. Other discussions that occupy our Business Education sessions include business growth, product development and finance. MDI staff is friendly and available to participants after office hours and via email for all queries and take home assignments.

Soft Skills Training

The WomenX philosophy is not only to build on our participants’ business acumen, but to also inculcate crucial soft skills for day-to-day business management. Therefore, an integral part of the programme is the soft skills training component, where our programme partners with the School of Leadership (SOL) to conduct tailored workshops on themes including confidence building, communication skills, social media marketing, branding and pitching. Trainers include: Kamran Rizvi, Umair Jaliawala, and Saad Hamid.

Peer-to-Peer Coaching

At WomenX, we believe in the power of peer-to-peer counseling and collective brainstorming. Thus, the peer-to-peer group discussion sessions made up of 8-10 participants and 1 facilitator are designed to provide our women with a safe space to discuss their business challenges and build an intimate network of business allies. Each group’s individual participants bring their own twist to each session, creating an exciting, one-of-a-kind entrepreneurial experience!

Networking Opportunities

From weekly interactions in large and small group settings with fellow WomenX participants, to guest speaker series with industry leaders, to monthly collaborations with large entrepreneurial networks within Pakistan’s business eco-system, WomenX offers business building opportunities to participants from any business sector, giving them the ideal platform for creating linkages and identifying new business opportunities.

Mentoring and Business Clinics

Around 40% of WomenX participants from Phase 1 are selected to continue on to Phase 2 of the programme. Phase 2 is designed to provide advanced business guidance on a more a individual level, based on each participant’s Business Growth Action Plan (which all participants develop by the end of Phase 1), with the aim of implementing changes in their business. Phase 2 services include: one-on-one mentoring, and Business Clinics and Advanced P2P sessions, along with continued networking opportunities.